Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I add quizzes or polls on the presentation?

    From the "questionnaire" area , by clicking the "add quiz/survey " button you access the quiz and survey control panel when finished a slide is automatically inserted at the end of the presentation and can then be move within the other slides.

  • How do I communicate with my students?

    When the presentation is published entrenar.se automatically sends email notifications to the students informing there is a training pending on their desktop or you can also send the notifications manually.

  • How will students communicate if they have any questions?

    The teachers can activate a forum on each presentation, which students can use to ask questions and teachers to answer them. For each question or answer email notifications are sent to both students and teacher.

  • Can I add my company logo?

    Yes. Your company logo will be displayed on the page where the student accesses the presentation, on the top left corner of the dashboard.

  • How do I invite students to a presentation?

    You can add students individually or you can upload an Excel file. Once a student is registered with the entrenar.se they can be assigned to any presentation. If a presentation is not published it can still be assigned, once the presentation is activated a dialogue is shown with all students to be invited.

  • What system requirements do the student and the teacher have?

    Windows XP or above. Mac OSX Snow Leopard or above. A modern browser (IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome or Safari 5+). EntrenarSE recommends Google Chrome for a full enhanced experience.

  • How much time can the trial version be used for?

    Our trial version is free for 30 days but it is the full version.

  • Is there any limitation for the trial version use?

    No, you can enjoy the full version for 30 days without any limitation.

  • What happens when the 30 days expire?

    You can upgrade your account to any of our full plans without losing the previous information.

  • What happens if I need more than 30 days to try entrenar.se?

    You need to contact us in order to extend the 30 days trial.

  • How much does it cost entrenar.se?

    To know the costs go to "Pricing" where you can see each plan and it´s caracteristics.

  • How is billing done?

    When you choose a plan, you can insert your credit card information to make the payment. Entrenar.se will bill you every month for the plan you have chosen. This will recur automatically every month until you close your account. You can change, upgrade or downgrade your account at any time going to the "Plan" or "My Account" option.

  • What happens if I cancel my plan?

    Entrenar.se will not renew your account after your cancellation. You and your students will continue to have access until the paid month expires. You can reopen your account at any time after cancellation, entrenar.se will keep your account data for 90 days.

  • Is there any registration fee?

    No, Entrenar.se is quick and easy to set up. No hidden costs and no additional pay.

  • What happens if I need to add more students?

    You can increase or decrease the amount of allowed students at any time by going to "Plan" or "My Account" option.

  • How do I cancel my account?

    Go to "My Account" tab on the account administration panel; choose "I wish to cancel my account". The service will become unavailable after the last paid month is due.

  • How many presentations can my employees/students take every month

    There is no limit, employees/students can take as many presentation a month as you want.

  • Can I get a report of employees/student's performances in their presentations?

    Yes, Entrenar.se provides through a control panel view employees/student's results. There are also detailed reports about each employee/student and each presentation.

  • Can I export the reporting information?

    Yes, Entrenar.se allows exporting the reports on Excel and PDF formats.

  • What information do the reports include?

    There are different types of information scattered within various reports such as: students status, grades, quiz and poll detail and status, activity log, most and least seen presentations, most recently viewed presentation, most participative student, presentation status.

  • How does entrenar.se work?

    Once registered add your employees/students and presenters/teachers and then create your presentation, upload your files to be published and create a test. Last but not least assign the students to be invited and activate the presentation. Entrenar.se will help you communicate with your employees/students while the presentation is active.

  • What kind of files can I upload?

    Entrenar.se supports powerpoint files, mp3 or wma audio, mp4, avi, ogg, flv, mpg video files, embebed youtube videos, jpg, png, gif images.

  • Does Entrenar.se support audio files?

    Yes, Entrenar.se support mp3 and wma audio files, which can be added to each individual slide. It also allows videos with audio.

  • Does Entrenar.se support audio files?

    There are 2 videos, the main presentation video and a secondary video, which shows the teacher information, which is called Miniplayer. EntrenarSE recommends HD video (1280x720) for the main presentation and 480p video (640x480) for the Miniplayer.

  • What is the optimum size for Power Point presentations?

    You can use any presentation size and the system will automatically try to properly display it. But to make the most out of the available space you should use 640 x 360 pixel ratio, which corresponds to 6.69" x 3.75" (inches).

  • Which tools can I use to create audio files?

    The recommended audio format is mp3. There are multiple ways to create a file. The recommended tool is Audacity, a free tool to create and edit audio. For more information: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/